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Our products are produced using Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients in a Certified Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility. Each ingredient is rigorously tested and validated to ensure your dog receives a product made with the highest standards of quality, purity and safety.

Dog Pain Away is proudly made in the USA.

We make every effort to provide our customers not only with the highest quality products, but with concise information on their use and effectiveness. We have a firm commitment to our customers, clients, and patients to offer exceptional service, ease of ordering, fast delivery, and products developed using current research at the most competitive prices.

Formulated as a Veterinarian Approved synergistic combination of Type II Collagen (Rebuild connective tissue), Natural Herbs and Systemic Enzymes (Reduce Pain and Inflammation) and Marine Extracts (Revitalize joints) found in the waters off New Zealand, each ingredient was carefully selected and validated to optimize your dog’s joint function and comfort. DPA, by Pet Health Resources, provides the building blocks to support healthy joint structure.

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What Our Patients Say

"This Stuff Works Amazingly Well"

This stuff works amazingly well and fast! I rarely write reviews. I am not one to post things, but I felt compelled to let other dog lovers know that Dog Pain Away really works. My Great Dane was to the point it took him several minutes just to sit down completely and he was having trouble getting up, not running or energetic anymore. After a few days on this, he was like a puppy again. He is running, energetic, and can sit and get up without difficulty.

- R. Nathanson

"Getting Her Off The Drugs"

My dog is doing really well on the Dog Pain Away. I am hoping that I can soon get her off her Remidyl medication, She was abused when she was a pup and was kicked so often that her rib and knee really hurts her to the point that she limps most of the time. Since I have been giving these to her, she has stopped limping all together so I know that they are working for her. For the first time she is playing and running without pain!

- J. Willette

"I’m Always Skeptical"

I have always been somewhat skeptic about products for our dog, but I will say that DPA really works. I don’t know what else to say? I have an older 11-year-old German Shepherd, she’s 120 pounds and has been laying on the couch and not very interested in life. Now she is now up and around and barking at the birds. Thank you very much it’s so good to see my daughter well. I give it to her twice a day and she’s doing really well.

- K. Brescia

"Playing and Running Again!"

Our five year old black lab has early onset Osteo arthritis. She loves to run, but all four of her legs took turns hurting. A friend suggested DPA. She is 200 lbs. so we give her four chews per day. For the first time, in a long time, she is playing and running around again!. It took about two weeks to see the extent of how much it is helping her. Our Vet wrote down the name of this product and is going to mention it to other patients

- R. Khurana

"Much Better Than Glucosamine"

We had been using glucosamine for our dog but it didn’t really help much. After a long while we saw no real difference. Then our neighbor told us about Dog Pain Away. It has really helped and worked within a week or so. We’re are happy to have found something that actually works and is not a drug. We love our dog and have told others about Dog Pain Away. We even shared our experience with friends at the local shelter. Thanks!

- N. Thornton

Description of Ingredients

Veterinarian Approved Dog Pain Reliever – Fast Acting Pain Relief Supplement To Repair Connective Tissue and Help Alleviate Hip and Joint Pain. All Natural Chewable Tablets To Renew Your Dogs Vitality.

DPA all natural joint formula for dogs was clinically developed to address the needs of large and small dogs suffering from joint pain, decreased flexibility and movement, as well as symptoms of arthritis, wearing of cartilage, increased synovial fluid production and inflammation.

This unique blend of key natural ingredients supports healthy joint function, reduces inflammation, relieves pain and renews your Dog’s vitality, allowing them to run, jump and climb more readily giving them active playtime again!