Our country has made great strides in recognizing the service of our military, but a mounting crisis is present for our young active duty and veteran families which greatly impacts our communities.

Pet Health Resources has partnered with Helping Paws – San Diego Chapter – by providing Dog Pain Away at no cost to our active, retired, and disabled veterans in need.

Recognizing that many military families face extreme hardships in providing veterinary medical care for their pets, Helping Paws was established by Craig J Mohnacky DVM, to provide financial assistance for these fine men and women. By keeping pets united with their military families and maintaining stability in these households, Helping Paws can help mitigate the effects of stress and uncertainty that exists due to the demands of military life.

Helping Paws is dedicated to financially assisting active, retired, and disabled veterans of war by providing veterinary care.

By connecting with citizens and the business community, we can ensure the continued success of our program.