This Dog Pain Away is great! My lab recovers after a long hike or bird hunting so much faster now. We love this stuff.

Jeffrey S.

My poor nine-year-old German Shepard Dog could not walk, much less skip around happily, like she does now after using DPA. A proud customer since 2012!!

Cynthia F.


Our dog is only a year old, but he had surgery and the DPA has been a great help!
When we run out of it we can tell the difference right away.

Juan P.

Fairfield, IA

I took the Dog Pain Away to my Vet. She liked it and suggested it was worth a try. So I did.
It’s nice to know there is something that really works! I have so say, I’m amazed!

Kathleen D.

Redwood City, CA

We had been using glucosamine for our dog but it didn’t really help much. Then a friend told us about Dog Pain Away. It has really helped, works fast, we’re are happy and impressed. Thanks!

Robert P.

Sacramento, CA

“I love speed of delivery and the pricing. I have ordered from here many times and have yet to experience one negative thing. The product works well and I am really happy doing business with them!”

K. Minor

Buffalo, NY

Our Golden Retriever is getting on in years so we decided to give her the Dog Pain product. Glad we did. She takes two a day and she’s moving well again. We love her!

Elaine A.

Buffalo, NY

First time I tried DPA, we had received a sample bottle and then got our own. The tablets helped our dog regain mobility. I didn’t want to go the drug route.

Patricia W.

Restin, VA

We have two large dogs, both needing help. This product works and is a good value. Just what we needed. Thanks!

Kent E.

Greenville, SC